Rental terms

Which criteria should one meet to be eligible for rental property?
When you are looking for a property to rent, we would like to provide optimal service in order to offer you a suitable property. For this reason we require several details from you, including your financial details. Based on your income we will be able to assess if a property is suitable for you. We have briefly outlined the terms and conditions that we use for our assessment:

Financial requirements
We use the following financial requirements as a guideline, for you to be eligible for a property:

Income standard
You are required to meet the income standard. This means that your (monthly) income must be proportionate to the applicable rental price per calendar month. This may vary for each property. As a financial requirement, the net income of the primary applicant should be at least 3 times the basic rent, based on a permanent employment contract.

Income must be demonstrated through a recent payslip and an employer’s declaration (or an auditor’s report for self-employed persons), or an income tax assessment notice. For example, the basic rent of the selected rental property amounts to € 575.00 per calendar month. The applicable financial condition is the required net income of (3 x € 575.00) €1,725.00 per month.

Payment arrears
You are not allowed to have payment arrears with your current landlord or mortgage lender. As proof, we will ask you to produce a statement from your landlord/manager, owner or mortgage lender.

Security deposit/bank guarantee
When entering into a rental agreement, the tenant will be asked to provide a bank guarantee or to transfer a security deposit equalling one month’s basic rent. We will not compensate the interest accrued over the security deposit. In some cases (e.g. for the self-employed or in case of insufficient funds), a higher security deposit or bank guarantee may be demanded. When in doubt, whether or not you are meeting the criteria mentioned, we could take a closer look at your situation and set additional terms in consultation with you. This could involve an additional bank guarantee or security deposit.

Two incomes
In case of two incomes, different income calculations or terms and conditions apply in respect of the second salary. These will be assessed per individual case.

For the self-employed, different income calculations or terms apply. These criteria will be assessed per individual case. Depending on the situation we will require a bank guarantee or security deposit of 3 to 6 months averagely. If you fail to meet the criteria we unfortunately must reject your application. The self-employed must produce a recent extract from the commercial register of the Chamber of Commerce. In addition, we require a profit and loss account/balance sheet duly authenticated by an official accountant and a copy of the most recent income tax assessment notice.

Are you retired? Then we request you to send us copies showing your annual income or allowances.

Own funds
If you do not fully meet our income standard, but you do have your own funds at your disposal, this will be taken into account with regard to the application. We will assess this per individual case.

Other terms
• The applicant shall complete an information form, after contacting our letting department or the estate agent.
• We will not process forms that have not been completed.
• The details submitted by the applicant will be treated strictly confidentially.
• The applicant cannot derive any rights from submitting an information form.
• Henri Kox Estate agents could conduct a credit check as part of your registration. When conducting a credit check, we will look at (negative) payment experiences in the past years. These results will become part of the financial risk assessment.
• Rental applications can be rejected at any time, without providing reasons.
• If the applicant’s details have been modified by the time a property is offered, we will reserve the right to reconsider our position.

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