Measuring instructions

Living (= living area)

Living areas serve an obvious residential purpose. For instance living room, hall, kitchen, bedrooms, bathroom. The living surface area concerns internal dimensions. This means that one may measure from inner wall to inner wall (the exterior wall thickness will not be considered). In case of sloping roofs the area calculated as living area from a height of 1.50 metres.

Other indoor space

The area of a room is regarded as usable area of other indoor space in case one of the undermentioned situations applies:

  • The highest point of the room is between 1.50 and 2.00 metres high;
  • The highest point of the room is over 2.00 metres, but the joint area, higher than 2.00 metres is less than 4.0 m2 (only applicable if part of the room is less than 2.00 metres high);
  • In terms of construction, the room is suitable as storage space only. Some examples: a basement, a bicycle storage or a garage;
  • There is an attic for storage, meaning, an attic that is accessible only by means of a foldable, or easily removable ladder and/or an attic with insufficient daylight (window surface less than 0.5 m²) or if one cannot stand upright in the attic.

Building-related outdoor space

A space is regarded as a building-related outdoor space if this room is not or only partly enclosed by permanent walls and as a result does not have permanent outdoor boundaries, such as a balcony or roof terrace. In case of a ground floor apartment, a terrace shall also be regarded as building-related outdoor space, if and to the extent that this terrace rests on a buttress that is integrated within the building construction.

A carport of which the roof construction is linked to the property, is considered a building-related outdoor space.

External storage space

An external storage space has no residential purposes. The space must be separated from the main building. External storage spaces are, for instance, a detached garage or a shed.

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